The Secrets About 5 Types Of Witches In The Witch World

Witches are still witches. But for those who are passionate about learning about the wizarding world, there are many groups of witches divided up with different powers. Let’s find out more about witchcraft types in the article below.

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  • Witch


Derived from the Old English word “Wicce” is used to refer to those who practice “magic” to gain the power to clairvoyant paranormal knowledge such as the ability to influence, control the mind and body of others. , the ability to heal, the ability to call souls of the dead.


Witch can gain magic from learning and practicing magic or inherited the ability to control magic from a young age through the family. These are called pure witches.

Purebred wizards will be able to master magic and make it easier. They can also create their own mantras. The spell here can be expressed in the form of a string of words or some form of ritual action, through objects (like dolls, stone runes, …), through the making of drugs and in many different ways.



Witch is divided into 3 basic types of witches: white witch, black witch, and gray witch. The white sorcerer always restrained the use of magic on ordinary people, acting with good intentions, protecting people. In it, black witch often borrowed the power from demons or used the power to do personal, evil causes. This is the reason why people often think witchcraft is evil, negative and subject to the hatred and disgust of society. In addition to the white and black witches, in this group of witches, there are also gray witches, like the offspring of black and white witches.



  • Warlock


Derived from the old English “ waerloga” which is used to refer to witches who are kicked out of the sorcery society for many reasons such as breaking oaths, lies, …

Once people mention warlock, they often associate evil, negativity more than good.

Warlock borrows powers from gods instead of goddesses like other witches, especially evil spirits. People born from a warlock lineage are not necessarily evil or darkness.

Warlock borrows powers from gods

Warlocks work individually, not in groups like witches. but sometimes there are exceptions, this time the coven becomes dark coven.




  • Wizard


Wizard was started from the Middle English “wys” which means the wisdom and the suffix “ards” often go hand in hand with the image of an old man with white hair and white hair with outstanding intelligence that always brings wise advice to others. Perhaps because of that, wizards are much more positive than witches or warlocks.


Like its name, the wizard goes into magic research as a science subject. Wizards are also experts in making poison, so they are also considered scientists of the wizarding world.



By studying magic in such a scientific way, the wizard’s spells that can be learned and accumulated are called Wizardy (like witch vs witchcraft). In order to concentrate all the magical power resources whenever used, the wizards had to turn them into magic wands. Wizards can work separately and join the wizard’s group or community!



  • Sorcerer ( Male) / Sorceress ( Female)


Originating from the Middle English “sorcier” is used to refer to the rarest and most powerful witches in the ranks of wizards. Unlike witches and wizards who are usually born with innate magic, the sorcerers who reach the highest magical realm through research and training cannot naturally become a sorcerer.

Sorcerer ( Male) / Sorceress ( Female)

A wizard when he reaches the peak of his power is also called the Sorcerer. They often use sticks to focus their full power like wizards with magic wand. However, the sorcerer is not dependent on wands like Wizards.



What makes the sorcerer strongest is because they have attained the ability to penetrate and the purest, most authentic energy of magic comes from the eternal mind of the Almighty, without having to borrow the power. from the reverence of the various folk gods. The Sorcerer always works alone and only receives an intern to impart strength and knowledge to that person later.



  • Shamanism


Shaman is a medium between the real world and the spiritual world. Shaman believes that unseen souls pervade us all around us, acting on them and managing our destiny. They perform rituals on behalf of the community, cure people and lead others on the Shamanic path. 

Sorcerer ( Male) / Sorceress ( Female)

The life of a Shaman is attached to the village and their responsibility is to ensure the happiness, safety for all families, the community and all created objects. Shamanism is traditionally an ancient tradition. This is how to connect with nature and all living things. Their power harnessed by the Mother Earth power and the teachings of the ancients were rooted in the simple truths of nature. Their purpose is to create harmony between the outside and the inside of every creature. 


In remote locations where tribal culture exists, Shamanis serves as a counselor, healer, and spiritual guide. Shamanism is a short and direct way to connect with the spirit, profound intuition and does not depend on definition, censorship or judgment by someone else. It is not accompanied by dogma and hierarchy like today’s religious organizations. All shamans undergo intense training and are time-consuming for this profession

Here is some interesting information about the witch. We will come back with more stories. Stay tuned. Also, if you love witchcraft products, check out Witchcraft 101 and choose your own favorite witch products.


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