How To Buy And Wrap Christmas Present Beautifully For Family

One of the most interesting things during the Christmas holiday is deciding the gift we gonna give our family, wrap the gift by ourselves and starting decorating the Xmas tree. That atmosphere is so wonderful and warm. 

This Christmas, do you want to give the people you love such a unique and creative present and find a fantastic way to wrap them?

Keep discovery this article, you will find the most suitable one for you. Let’s check it out!!

How To Buy And Wrap Christmas Present Beautifully For Family


1. Where to buy lovely Christmas gifts for a family member 


Do you want to find some great gift ideas for your family members this Christmas

Do you find that it is so difficult to choose a suitable gift for each member of your family such as mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, your sister or brother? 

Do you want to give thêm not only a beautiful but also unique and meaningful gift? 

Let me suggest Not The Worst Gift – the ideal address to find the marvelous Xmas present for your family. Here, you can find numerous gift ideas for family. All the products in Not The Worst Gift are self-designed. You can also design the gift for your family members that make the present much more meaningful and one of a kind.


Christmas gift 2019


2. What to buy & How to wrap Xmas present beautifully



There’s no denying that Christmas is the family reunion season. Everyone wants to give the most meaningful and unique present for their family. Here is the list of wonderful Xmas gift ideas for your family. They’ll certainly love them.



3. Blanket


If you intend to give a meaningful and practical gift, a warm blanket will be the perfect choice for you. This is a great gift for family members, especially for parents and grandparents. They can use it throughout the cold winter. They’ll love it, and nothing says Merry Christmas sweet like a warm snuggly blanket. 

Christmas blanket for winter

How to wrap it beautifully?

It is extremely simple to wrap this gift perfectly. Grab a blanket that you want to give. You should choose a matching ribbon with blanket color to create synchronization. Then all you need to do is print a Warmest Wishes tag and add it to the blanket. It’s perfect for anyone!

DIY Gift Wrap Ideas



1. Pillow



A handmade Christmas pillow is another perfect idea for you. It can make a charming decoration for your home or an adorable gift to bring to a friend or a family member. Unlike other, smaller decorations, the pillow can also be used as a Christmas sign on which you can have any kind of message or illustration that you want to tell to the ones you’re bringing the gift to.


How to wrap it beautifully?

Use a paper box that fits the size of a pillow. You can then choose your favorite gift wrap to wrap the box. Layering a thinner ribbon over a different colored thicker ribbon makes presents look luxurious! You should choose two colors that are both found in the gift wrap so that everything coordinates.

wrap christmas gift pillowcase



2. Sweater


You are looking for the perfect gift for your children or your sister/brother? a sweater with a dynamic design is a great choice for you. They’ll definitely love it. With the sweater, they can use it for a long time. And you as the parents or grandparents can choose the young and lovely design for thêm. It is such a fashionable gift for your young family members. 


How to wrap it beautifully? 

Patterned red card stock, folded in half, then cut into basic flower petal shapes is an easy way to create a beautiful stand-in for a poinsettia. Use your completed posey as a gift topper or make several and string them together as a colorful holiday banner.

how to wrap christmas gift


3. Hoodie



Do you find it hard when selecting a gift for the man in your family ( brother, father, husband, son,..)? A hoodie will be a suitable choice. Your man will love it so much. In the cold winter weather, a hoodie with dynamic design and sweet messages printed on the shirt will create a warm and loving feeling for the recipient. 

Christmas hoodie

How to wrap it beautifully? 

A handmade tag makes a beautifully wrapped gift even more special. Print our free template onto white card stock then top with a 2″ x 2″ family photo for a uniquely personal tag. There is a tip for you is that adds a bit of glitz by glittering the edges of the photo before attaching.




4. Mug


Special coffee mugs designed by yourself is a wonderful gift for your family member this Christmas, isn’t it? The heartwarming quotes are totally on point and the cup was made just for them. This mug will make them laugh, cringe or give them a little glimpse into your way of thinking. Let imagines the look on their faces when they open the gift box and find his/her/their new favorite coffee/tea mug. It is such a perfect gift for this Christmas event.

Christmas mug 2019

How to wrap it perfectly?

Both kids and nostalgic adults will love this cute graphic tag featuring Santa’s favorite reindeer. Wrap gifts with red ribbon and top with a brown yarn pom-pom for a consistent color scheme.

special christmas gift wrapping


Finding the most suitable gift for your family members not difficult. Looking for Magic Proposal to find more Xmas gift ideas for your family. Definitely, you will be not disappointed


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