9  Great Ways To Build A Wonderful Relationship With Your Mother-in-law

Building a relationship with the in-laws, especially mothers-in-law, plays a pivotal role in constructing a good marriage life. Investing in your relationship with her will massively help the foundation of marriage and will make it easy to merge two generations in the family into one. There are lots of specific approaches for you to connect with your Husband’s mom. Below here are 9 fool-proof tips to support you get on your mother-in-law’s good side regardless of whether or not you naturally get along with her.

Relationship With Your Mother-in-law

1. Always remain polite

The first thing, you always have to be polite and respectful towards your husband’s mom. Under no circumstances should you ever be act rudely and disrespectfully to her. Nothing turns off her more than you who is impolite at certain times and unpleasant at others. Show her that you know your please and thank you. The more you say these two things the better.

2. Work on providing yourself loyal

If you are newly married into a family, you must make an effort over a long period to prove that you are willing to do your part in the family to contribute to happiness and well-being. The best thing you can do during this time is contrary to logic, keep being polite and continue to be consistent, steady and calm. Gradually, she will recognize your reasonableness and you will prove to her that you are a member of the family. She will grow in respect since she sees that you are an unfazed person in the face of her emotional outpourings. 

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3. Let your husband do the defending

Defending yourself will come off as childish and immature. And you do not want to give her more reasons to speak out what she doesn’t like about you. In the case when you and your mother have conflicts, the perfect person to smooth those ruffled feathers is your husband. Your husband knows that you are now first and also understand his mother’s characteristics better than you. As a result, your husband will be the most suitable person that can solve the problems between you and his mother.

4. It is not the competition between you and your mother in law

There is nothing to win and nothing to fight about. Two women think differently, one is upset about the way the other acts while the other is frustrated that she is not wholeheartedly accepted. You can not control what your mother-in-law does, but you can control what you do. Start doing little things to change her point of view now. Compliment her when she does well, looks nice, or has a good idea. Lay down everything inside your flesh that tempts you to retaliate or fight. Two women love one man, and both women have already won. Year after year, you will recognize things getting better and better if you remain kind, patient and calm. 


5. Get to understand her

As much as she will want to know what you are about, it is good if you show the same interest in her. Don’t just answer her questions. Show her that you want to get to know her more and be closer in any way that you can. Moreover, you can explore more about your mother-in-law through her interest, what she dislikes,… to get to know more about her personality. 

6. Stop being so sensitive

If you are offended by everything and get your feelings hurt all the time, you are probably the cause of the majority of your personal problems. Don’t get so offended over such little things. You need to be willing to accept criticism when it is due, even if it is not the nicest language. You should accept your mother-in-law’s comment and annoyances. She has been doing homemaking, life and caring for other members in the family longer than you. You could learn lots of things from your mother-in-law. 


7. Bring her the gift once in a while

You can never ever go wrong with bringing gifts during an event. Every woman loves surprising gifts, so does your husband’s mom. A small special gift like a coffee mug or a T-shirt from Magic Proposal with your sincerity will make her really happy. Let Magic Proposal be your assistance in connecting with your mom-in-law. The more personal the gift, the better you can be able to know if you make the effort to connect with her.

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8. Be confidence

Sometimes. mothers-in-law want to test your security and your self-confidence in the midst of her “intimidation”. If you show her that you can stay true to yourself and proud to be who you are, she will be more trusting of you and can feel you sincerely. So, remember just like who you are and with your sincerity will touch her.


9. Love her on

It will be the best way to build a relationship with your husband’s mom Let show her your sincere love, you will receive her trust and love as well. This is your partner’s mother, you can not escape her so it is best to just put on that friendly face of yours and act like you like her.

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The marriage life is quite harsh. But if you have a method to control your relationship with the in-laws. Your life will be much easier. So, building a peaceful relationship with your mother-in-law is the first thing when you come into the marriage life. And let Family Connection help you connect relationship with all members of your family. 


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